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One of the wisest men I know, who was once described by a business associate as a man with “impeccable integrity,” my father, wrote this:

Today is my birthday, so I think I will do something I do not usually do.  I will blog. I had hoped…even believed…that I would get my greatest birthday gift ever, a new President.  But I learned a long time ago that we don’t always get what we want, at 62 I am old enough to know that.
I have paid close attention to politics since I was in college.  The first presidential election I was eligible to vote in was 1972, Nixon vs. McGovern.  I did not like McGovern’s policies and I couldn’t understand how this man, McGovern, who admittedly started with nothing when he entered politics ended up quite well to do, but that is another story.  At the time, I was young and idealistic and I thought the biggest disservice a President could do to the public was to lie to them.  In a democracy you need information to make proper voting choices, so lying to the public, to me, was worse than bad policies.  I voted for McGovern, it was a protest vote.
I knew Nixon was lying big time.  His Watergate lies hadn’t been exposed yet, but the evidence was overwhelming if you were paying attention.  I grew up in a very conservative neighborhood.  All my friends, and especially their parents, were behind Nixon.  I was the maverick. They were kind to me, but they couldn’t believe the President of the United States was out right lying to them.  I knew he was, and in fact he was.  That revelation to the country came after the landslide election victory that Nixon won, and led to his later resigning from office.  I mark that as a turning point in American society, the time when respect for authority suffered a great blow that it has never recovered from.
Indeed, now many people assume their government routinely lies to them, and I believe they are often right.  But there is something worse than a government that lies to the public, and that is a public that accepts the lies, either out of indifference, ignorance or too often, convenience.  Just recently we had a former President who had explicitly lied to the public on national television, then later to a court of law under oath, complain that we shouldn’t trust a man who would lie to us to become President.  The saddest part of that sorry episode is how few people paid attention or cared what he had just said.  Just more of the same.  Too inconvenient to hold him to account; he is after all a popular fellow and agrees with the majority’s world view, so what difference does a lie make?
I think that is where we are today, and I think that is one of the major reasons the biggest con man in American history has just been re-elected President of the United States.  A majority of the public no longer care much about the truth. To quote another great con man, “the truth is inconvenient.”  No, a majority of the public is happy to go along with the free lunch propaganda.  We are all Greeks now.A majority of the public and most of the media are all too happy to look the other way while great lies are told and honorable men have their reputations trashed because that is easier than telling the truth or addressing real issues.  My friends and their parents in 1972 looked the other way and we re-elected a liar whose lies had a profound impact on the morality of the entire country.Many in the government have been lying to us for years.  They do not tell the truth about how they spend our tax money.  They do not tell us the truth about who pays the taxes.  They use budgetary gimmicks or simply ignore accounting for it all together (off budget items).  That other great con man, Al Gore, lied to us about many things, but I think my favorite was the Social Security “lock box”.  We will soon be opening that lock box and the assets big Al promised us won’t be there.  The lock box is filled with slips of paper, mere promises from a lying government.

We just went through a campaign where one candidate simply made up false stories about what the other believed and a majority bought it.  Too much work for the press and public to actually pay attention, but then paying attention would be inconvenient to their world view.

We just went through a campaign where one of the most honorable men in our political history was willing to run the gauntlet of lies and distortions because he wanted to help his country.  He didn’t need the job.  He doesn’t need any job.  He didn’t need it for his resume; he already had one of the most impressive resumes of any man to run for President.  He didn’t need it for a cool address, he already owns one of the coolest houses on the planet.  He didn’t need it for his ego, so unlike the great vanity of his opponent.  He was a man who understood that his many and great accomplishments were not the most important measure of him.  He was the best kind of humble, he chose to be that way.  He was truly a man prepared and ready for this difficult time.

But the lies had it, the motion carried.  We were conned again.  The country just made a huge mistake because a majority is willing to accept being lied to by their government and press.  They say you can’t fix stupid, maybe they are right.

So do I think the Country is going to hell in a hand basket?  No, not yet.  We are blessed to live in the greatest country in the history of the world. Our economy is the biggest and provides the best standard of living to the most people of any in the world.  It will take a lot to wreck it.  It can be wrecked, and if we don’t eventually change course we will ruin it.

I feel most sad now for the people who are already struggling, who can’t find good work…whose homes and businesses are sinking.  The country has just chosen to make it much more difficult to fix our problems.  There is going to be a lot more pain before things get really better.  It didn’t need to be this way but if you are willing to be lied to and still want to believe in Santa Claus, then you get the government you deserve.

What will turn this around?  When it becomes more inconvenient to continue believing the lies and in the free lunch that Government Santa is supposed to bring.

The Soviet Union and the former Eastern European Block (not to mention innumerable banana republics) went through this already and died.  They sought to redistribute income and only redistributed poverty.  Santa really is make believe.  Their demise was prolonged and delayed through brute force, but they eventually collapsed.  Much of Europe is going through this now; but they are merely socialistic, not communistic so it will take longer to unfold.  It is only a question of degree.  We are perhaps a generation behind them, so we have more time.  But our time will come if we stay on this course.  If it does, I trust in the basic goodness and resilience of the people of this great country to get back on track.  It won’t be pretty, but I believe we will make it.  I believe we will still remain the greatest country in the history of the world and the greatest hope for mankind.

This is a great country, and that is no lie.


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Wow, that’s a comforting declaration if I ever heard one.  It’s like your toddler & preschool age kids promising to “help.”  At least with the kids, the kids gain something positive from the experience…and you gain good parent points for letting them “help.”  Ronald Reagan said it best:

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

From the AP:  The Obama administration “launched [another] plan Friday” to help stem the foreclosure crisis.  Here’s the really great part:  “Officials said their [new] goal is to meet their original (emphasis added) target, announced last year, of helping 3 million to 4 million borrowers avoid foreclosure.”  Of course, “the administration’s existing program to prevent foreclosure has FAILED TO MAKE A DENT IN THE PROBLEM (emphasis added)…[due to] a lack of planning and shifting rules on qualifications for it [which] produced a huge backlog in the program.”  “Only 170, 000 homeowners have completed loan modifications out of 1.1 million who began the program over the past year,” says the Special Inspector General for the Federal Financial Bailout Fund (wow, that’s quite the title).

“We remain dubious about government mortgage modification efforts.  So far none have lived up to expectations, and we see little reason to believe the latest effort will turn out any different.” Jaret Seiberg, an analyst with Concept Capital’s Washington Research Group

Hmmm, Jaret Seiberg must have some common sense to have formed that opinion.  It’s sad that common sense is such a rare commodity these days.

I just read on a friend’s blog that our tax dollars are being used for the noble cause of providing “free” soil sampling for anyone who fills out a form and sends it in with box of dirt from their garden.  Of course, it “may” take up to three weeks to get the report.  Or, she points out, you can simply go to Lowe’s and pick up a soil test kit and do it yourself the same day.  Just a microcosm of all that is wrong with our government.  Why, now, do our hard earned…ripped from our paychecks…tax dollars go to unnecessary programs when the same thing can be accomplished by us, if we feel so inclined, in much less time and with much more efficiency?  Oh, yeah, because the government thinks it can do everything bigger and better, even though it has yet to prove itself with a single success story.  Ummm, Medicare…Medicaid, Social Security, the U.S. Postal Service, anyone?  Oh yeah, these programs are all going bankrupt!  The above mentioned original foreclosure rescue plan that “has failed to make a dent in the problem?”

Well, if government fails, it only makes sense to try, try again the same FAILED policies, only on a grander scale.  I mean, what’s better than failure?  How about GRAND FAILURE!

And there are really, actually, people out there who are excited about the federal government just granting itself (against the vocal will of a majority of Americans) an unprecedented amount of power to control and manipulate our nation’s health care system?  REALLY?

This country’s problem can be summed up in this:  too many hard-headed politicians in Washington, and too many “skulls full of mush” (as Boortz would say) voting for them.

Just got to let off some steam to keep my sanity these days….

Remember this? Good medicine.

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I was recently reminded of a conversation that took place about five years ago, if I recall correctly.  I was lamenting in doomsday fashion to my sister and her, at the time, medical student husband about the inevitability of socialized medicine in this country.  It’s just going to happen…eventually, I remarked.  How does it not when nearly half of the country pays nothing in income tax and is thus able to use their voting power to simply take more and more from the other half?  Their taxes won’t go up with increased government programs…so why not vote to increasingly supplement their pocketbooks and lifestyles at the expense of those who do pay?  When things are so out of balance, and one of the two major political parties survives off making it continually more so, how is socialized medicine not inevitable?

They both responded that no, to the contrary, that would never happen in this country.  The American people simply won’t stand for it.  Taxes would go too high, and tax paying citizens would simply revolt before it could become a reality.  REVOLT? Since when do Americans revolt?  (Excepting the two major wars that define our nation’s character, of course).  I mean, when do ordinary modern-day Average Joe American citizens revolt on matters of domestic policy, in recent history anyway?  When I think revolt, I think the masses taking to the streets armed and ready for a fight.  I think of unstable countries where governments are, or are attempted to be, overturned on a regular basis.  That’s not America.  We have elections and then peaceful transfers of power, period.

The response:  People will revolt at the polls, stupid.  And yes, this does happen in America.  Remember the 1994 midterm elections, aka the “Republican Revolution”?  I do.  I remember my mother running into the house excitedly, waving the morning paper wildly the day after.  “Republicans have retaken the Congress after forty years!  The people have finally had enough!” she exclaimed, or something to that extent.  And then there were the 2006 midterms that went the other way.  OK, but the reality of waiting until election day to express our dissatisfaction is that it is a delayed reaction.  It happens after the fact.  So how does a revolt at the polls stop something like socialized medicine, especially with our current President working at lightening speed to enact his agenda since before he even took office?  Well, it seems that my burning question is now being answered. (more…)

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Here are some pictures I took at the tea party in D.C.



Tea Party 1





Ma’am, I have to agree…




And my personal favorite…

Tea Party 8



Lindsey kindly provided these pictures from a tea party in Phoenix.

July 2009 116

July 2009 112

July 2009 121

July 2009 122

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American Flag

I am looking forward to a long


weekend in our great Nation’s capital.  I probably won’t have a chance to update the ‘ol blog during this time, but I am going to try my darnedest to make it to another Tea Party, this time in Washington, D.C.  What better way to celebrate our Nation’s Independence than to


If you feel the slightest inkling to join your fellow fed-up, freedom-loving Americans, then just do it! Find a local 4th of July Tea Party HERE (tea parties are scheduled to be held in over 1,300 cities!).  Click on the locations tab on the red bar at top, search by your state, then click on the globe icon to the right of the city to access a website with information on your local tea party.  Did you have so much fun last time that you want to do it again?  (I DID!)  Or do you feel a little sad, or out of the loop, because you didn’t get to take part in the whole Tea Party experience last April 15?

Make no mistake:  Our liberty is under assault and our taxes are ready to skyrocket…hello Obama’s Health Care Initiative and Cap & Trade!  We can’t just sit on our laurels and expect others to change things for us (unless we’re ok with bad change)…we need to be proactive and work for the right change ourselves.  It’s our country, not the politicians’.  They work for us, remember?  So let’s tell them what we think!

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I was already a fan, for Phantom and Evita, but now I really like this guy.  Andrew Lloyd Webber recently published this brilliant op ed at Mail Online:

The Last Thing This Country Needs is a Pirate Raid on the Wealth Creators Who Still Dare Navigate Our Stormy Waters (…And don’t lynch me as a rich b*****d flying a kite for his own cause–I really fear an exodus of talent).

Webber implores the government, and people, of Britain not to rage a “pirate raid” on the country’s wealth creators.  It’s along the same vein as my “Joe the Dentist” piece…but shorter and styled as a passionate plea, and I must say it is a must read.  I include this exert as bait to get you to follow the link and read the rest, and you’ll be glad you did… (more…)

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Many in the media are trying to cast the tea party goers as extremist nut jobs, partisan hacks who are simply anti-Obama, or even racists protesting the fact that Obama is black.  LUDICROUS!  The vast majority of tea party protesters are simply average, “working” (and taxpaying) Americans who have HAD IT with the manifestly irresponsible way in which the federal government has been spending us into the ground.

Some have asked the question, if this isn’t simply Obama hatred, then why weren’t these people upset with Bush and the Republicans? The answer is they were! Why do you think the Republicans have totally fallen out of power in the last few years?  People became fed up and disgusted with the fact that even with Republicans in control of Congress and the White House, the government continued the irresponsible spending habits to be expected of Democrats.  People were protesting in the polls then, but why have they taken to protesting in the streets now?  Simply put, it was BAD before, but it is DISASTROUS now.  In the few short months that Obama has been in office, we have already reached a tipping point and the anger is beginning to boil over.


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