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Wow, that’s a comforting declaration if I ever heard one.  It’s like your toddler & preschool age kids promising to “help.”  At least with the kids, the kids gain something positive from the experience…and you gain good parent points for letting them “help.”  Ronald Reagan said it best:

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

From the AP:  The Obama administration “launched [another] plan Friday” to help stem the foreclosure crisis.  Here’s the really great part:  “Officials said their [new] goal is to meet their original (emphasis added) target, announced last year, of helping 3 million to 4 million borrowers avoid foreclosure.”  Of course, “the administration’s existing program to prevent foreclosure has FAILED TO MAKE A DENT IN THE PROBLEM (emphasis added)…[due to] a lack of planning and shifting rules on qualifications for it [which] produced a huge backlog in the program.”  “Only 170, 000 homeowners have completed loan modifications out of 1.1 million who began the program over the past year,” says the Special Inspector General for the Federal Financial Bailout Fund (wow, that’s quite the title).

“We remain dubious about government mortgage modification efforts.  So far none have lived up to expectations, and we see little reason to believe the latest effort will turn out any different.” Jaret Seiberg, an analyst with Concept Capital’s Washington Research Group

Hmmm, Jaret Seiberg must have some common sense to have formed that opinion.  It’s sad that common sense is such a rare commodity these days.

I just read on a friend’s blog that our tax dollars are being used for the noble cause of providing “free” soil sampling for anyone who fills out a form and sends it in with box of dirt from their garden.  Of course, it “may” take up to three weeks to get the report.  Or, she points out, you can simply go to Lowe’s and pick up a soil test kit and do it yourself the same day.  Just a microcosm of all that is wrong with our government.  Why, now, do our hard earned…ripped from our paychecks…tax dollars go to unnecessary programs when the same thing can be accomplished by us, if we feel so inclined, in much less time and with much more efficiency?  Oh, yeah, because the government thinks it can do everything bigger and better, even though it has yet to prove itself with a single success story.  Ummm, Medicare…Medicaid, Social Security, the U.S. Postal Service, anyone?  Oh yeah, these programs are all going bankrupt!  The above mentioned original foreclosure rescue plan that “has failed to make a dent in the problem?”

Well, if government fails, it only makes sense to try, try again the same FAILED policies, only on a grander scale.  I mean, what’s better than failure?  How about GRAND FAILURE!

And there are really, actually, people out there who are excited about the federal government just granting itself (against the vocal will of a majority of Americans) an unprecedented amount of power to control and manipulate our nation’s health care system?  REALLY?

This country’s problem can be summed up in this:  too many hard-headed politicians in Washington, and too many “skulls full of mush” (as Boortz would say) voting for them.

Just got to let off some steam to keep my sanity these days….

Remember this? Good medicine.


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Hmmm, a month…I think I almost forgot I have a blog.  I have been very focused lately, on other things.  One of which is that I recently started my very own small business, which is a lot of fun by the way.  But despite that, and all the busyness of raising children and just plain living life, somehow we are STILL being threatened by the Democrats with Health Care “Reform.”  Hasn’t the country said ENOUGH ALREADY?! Didn’t the election of Scott Brown send a clear enough message to Obama and the Dems?  Yes, I think it did, but instead of halting at the request of the American public, they took that strong message as an ultimatum…like, we had better cram this crap legislation through any way we possibly can before we all lose our jobs in November.  They are still trying, which means we have to remain vigilant in our efforts to stop them.

I spent half an hour on the phone Wednesday placing calls to a long list of undecided elected officials, urging them to vote NO.  (The list I was working from is below the fold.)  Meanwhile, here is a fantastic little clip well worth just a few minutes of ear time…thank you Amber for bringing it to my attention 🙂 .


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One Year Today

One year ago today Barack Obama took the oath of office and became the 44th President of the United States. 364 days later his presidency as we knew it and he planned it, ended.”  Drew M. at Ace of Spades

I must admit I felt no cause to celebrate a year ago…it was a somber day for many of us.  Sure, it was an historic day…BUT SO IS TODAY.  I mentioned the disbelief I first felt at the notion of a taxpayer revolution being able to stop short the advance of Obamacare here, but continued on to say that “what we [were] seeing…in [the] uprisings at town hall meetings [was] a harbinger of the upcoming 2010 midterm elections.”  I had no idea at the time that it would start in January…oh happy, happy day!

Make no mistake:  Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts yesterday is hard evidence that there is open rebellion in the ranks of taxpaying Americans…not just conservatives, not just tea partyers, but Independents and Democrats alike.  Brown could not have won with only Republican support…there just aren’t enough Republicans in Massachusetts to pull that off.  And with the high turn-out at the polls yesterday, it is clear that Brown took the majority of Independents and many Democratic cross-overs as well.  This is about the people rejecting the Democrats’ health care plan, for one, but also a rejection of Obama’s broader agenda.  People haven’t been pleased with Obama’s first year in office.  People are angry at the abuse of power that the President and the Democrat Congress have displayed.  Scott Brown ran on conservatism…smaller government, lower taxes, and a sensible approach to the War on Terror, and he won by 5 POINTS…in Massachusetts, baby.

Exactly one year after Obama was inaugurated, the Massachusetts meltdown mirrors the White House meltdown. For the sake of their political survival, Democrats need to stop promising change and start promising self-correction.”   Michelle Malkin

Last Spring, when the Tea Parties began, a friend and Obama supporter told me that elections have consequences.  I’m not entirely sure what he was getting at…people have a right to protest no matter who wins an election, but whatever.  In any case, lets take that statement now and project it at Obama, rather than the voters.  So, welcome to the consequences of your policies and actions during your first year in office, and…

Happy Anniversary, Mr. President!

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I’ve always liked John Stossel’s common sense approach to issues.  His recent report on health care, which aired last month, is a fresh take on the national debate.

Here is what  I found to be the most interesting:

  • The less people pay for health care, the more the cost of health care increases.
  • The cost of Lasik, a service not generally covered by insurance, has actually decreased by about 30%.

Why? If we have to pay for something out of our own pockets, we tend to shop around, promoting competition and lower costs.  If our insurance company pays for a particular service, we tend not to know or care how much it costs.

So why are certain politicians demanding an ever increasing burden upon the insurance companies?  That won’t lower the cost of health care in this country.  Let us instead scale back the role that insurance companies play in the health care industry.

My brother pointed out how ridiculous health insurance has become by comparing it to home owner’s insurance.  Does your home insurance pay for a stain or a snag in the carpet, or do you take care of that yourself?  Home owner’s insurance is designed to cover catostophic damage, and so it should be with health insurance.  As John Stossels asks the insurance industry rep, “Do we really need “protection” for a physical?” I think not.

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2009-11-10-humor-lb1104cdThank you House, for passing Pelosi’s Health Care Plan last weekend.  Hopefully the Senate will have the sense to reject it.

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