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I missed all the action.  The ironic thing is that I only had one kid at home at the time, and it all happened within blocks of my house!  Too bad I don’t have any pictures to go along with this post.  Oh well.  By the time I found out the happenings of the day, it had all died down.

I was driving down a main thoroughfare today after picking my son up from preschool and a pickup truck pulled up alongside me with a huge Mexican flag attached to the tailgate.  My son was like, “Look, it’s a flag from Mexico!  That guy must be Mexican!” Yes, apparently so…or is he an American?  I wonder how he would answer that question about himself?  I was actually a little peeved.  NO, I’M NOT A RACIST!  But, in light of what happened here in our town yesterday, I was annoyed by the blatant display.  And in fact, it turns out (although I didn’t find out until later) this guy was headed downtown to join the march on Morgan Hill, a bunch of Hispanic teens demanding respect after the incident at their high school yesterday.  “What happened” here yesterday you may have already heard about, as it has gone viral:  some boys from the high school just up the street from our house were sent home because they were wearing shirts with pictures of the American flag on them…and they refused to turn them inside out.  Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but it was Cinco de Mayo…and some of the Hispanic students were offended by this display of American patriotism in America on “their” day.

The district, thankfully, sided with the boys and said they disagreed with the administration’s call.  The story obviously received national attention, and in response to both of these things about two hundred Hispanic students simply walked out of school today and marched down the street to the district office, and then to City Hall, in protest.  They said they were marching for “respect.”  Give me a break.  One teenage girl yelled at an innocent bystander pumping her gas, “you dumb white b**ch!” Respect indeed.

RESPECT is something that is earned.  To be respected is not a right.  Tolerance is another thing entirely.  I have tolerance for many people for whom I have little respect.  I respect the many generations of immigrants who suffered and sacrificed to come to this country, who contributed to this country economically, socially and culturally…despite being discriminated against.  My ancestors were obviously immigrants to this country, as most of yours were too, I’m sure.  I love that American culture is a reflection of that great “melting pot.”  The reason the melting pot analogy works so well, though, is because America has been made up of many different people with different cultural backgrounds who chose to come here and assimilate.  They “melted” into American culture.  That doesn’t mean that they gave up their cultural heritage, but it does mean that they became American citizens and thus pledged their allegiance to America.

I think it’s great that we can have a good time celebrating the many diverse cultures that have contributed to American culture:  St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, etc.  But there is something else going on here.  A refusal to learn English, a refusal to respect and pay allegiance to America, a refusal to become citizens, a blatant refusal to obey the law, being intolerant to the display of the American flag on “their” day?  Do these people want to be here or not?  If yes, then they should DO IT THE RIGHT WAY, and at least have the decency to respect the country they’re so desperate to occupy.  How are they somehow privileged to become the exception to obeying the immigration laws that already exist, to receive special treatment over immigrants who OBEY THE LAW?  The uproar yesterday and today was not about Cinco de Mayo.  It was about illegal immigration.  It was about the AZ law recently passed.  It was about political correctness.  It was about Hispanic students becoming offended because showing American patriotism is now somehow racist against them.

FYI, I respect immigrants who come and work here LEGALLY.  I welcome them, in fact…no matter what color their skin is or what country they come from.  I do not respect the students who marched on Morgan Hill today.  They just lost themselves a whole lot of respect.  And people who couch this whole illegal immigration debate in terms of race are completely missing the point, by the way.

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As I’m sure you know, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy died last year and there is now a special election being held in Massachusetts to replace him.  Although Massachusetts is a BIG BLUE state (John Kerry is the other senator who hails from there), there is a realistic possibility that it will elect Republican Scott Brown to the Senate on January 19th.  THIS IS HUGE.  Scott Brown has vowed to vote against the current congressional legislation on health care when it comes up for a final vote.  This may be our only chance, certainly our best chance, at stopping this atrocious piece of legislation from passing into law.  My husband showed me this “Moneybomb”video that Brown put out yesterday, in the hopes of raising $500,000 for a final advertising push in this last week leading up to the election.  The response was so good that they revised the goal to $750,000.  They ended up raising $1.3 million yesterday.

Follow this link to the the website, RED INVADES BLUE.

I don’t have a lot of spare cash right now, but I donated $10 to Brown’s campaign last night.  I feel that it is a very worthy cause, considering the difference this one seat can make for the entire country at this critical point in time.

From Public Policy Polling, on Saturday:

The Massachusetts Senate race is now a toss up.

Buoyed by a huge advantage with independents and relative disinterest from Democratic voters in the state, Republican Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 48-47.

An excerpt from American Spectator article “The Scott Brown Surge”:

Here’s a representative missive from MoveOn.org: “In 11 days, we could lose progressive hero Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat — and with it, any hope for passing major progressive legislation this year.” The subject line asked incredulously, “A Republican in Ted Kennedy’s seat?”

The idea seems absurd even by Chicken Little standards of mass fundraising appeals. Massachusetts is one of the most Democratic states in the nation. Republicans hold about a tenth of the state legislative seats and represent only a slightly larger percentage of the commonwealth’s registered voters. Barack Obama won Massachusetts — the only state to vote for George McGovern in 1972 — by 26 points.

Republican state Sen. Scott Brown has gained momentum among independents — now a plurality of Bay State registered voters — who are angry at the way the Democrats have been running both Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill.

With the Democratic base less than fully engaged, Republicans on fire, and independents unhappy with a mostly Democratic status quo, the race may have become surprisingly competitive.”

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Here are some pictures I took at the tea party in D.C.



Tea Party 1





Ma’am, I have to agree…




And my personal favorite…

Tea Party 8



Lindsey kindly provided these pictures from a tea party in Phoenix.

July 2009 116

July 2009 112

July 2009 121

July 2009 122

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American Flag

I am looking forward to a long


weekend in our great Nation’s capital.  I probably won’t have a chance to update the ‘ol blog during this time, but I am going to try my darnedest to make it to another Tea Party, this time in Washington, D.C.  What better way to celebrate our Nation’s Independence than to


If you feel the slightest inkling to join your fellow fed-up, freedom-loving Americans, then just do it! Find a local 4th of July Tea Party HERE (tea parties are scheduled to be held in over 1,300 cities!).  Click on the locations tab on the red bar at top, search by your state, then click on the globe icon to the right of the city to access a website with information on your local tea party.  Did you have so much fun last time that you want to do it again?  (I DID!)  Or do you feel a little sad, or out of the loop, because you didn’t get to take part in the whole Tea Party experience last April 15?

Make no mistake:  Our liberty is under assault and our taxes are ready to skyrocket…hello Obama’s Health Care Initiative and Cap & Trade!  We can’t just sit on our laurels and expect others to change things for us (unless we’re ok with bad change)…we need to be proactive and work for the right change ourselves.  It’s our country, not the politicians’.  They work for us, remember?  So let’s tell them what we think!

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Uncomfortable topic though it is, my mind keeps coming back to the recent sad and disturbing confessions to extramarital affairs by Senator John Ensign (NV) and Governor Mark Sanford (SC), both Republicans.  Much has been made of the serious damage to the Party these two rising stars have inflicted, but that is actually not what is most disconcerting to me, nor is it what I wish to discuss here.  The party is already in shambles, but it is not because of these two men or others like them (i.e. former Idaho Senator Larry Craig, Louisiana Senator David Vitter)…and frankly, the state of the Republican party is not the most important issue here.

This is naturally an uncomfortable thing for Republicans, and conservatives in general, to deal with.  Such is always the case when a high profile Republican makes a moral misstep.  HYPOCRISY! is the cry, for the Republican Party is the party of “family values.”  The Democrats don’t push moral issues and thus they largely get a pass on the hypocrisy charge when they are caught in such scandals, which is quite frequent for them as well (i.e. Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer,  former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, former President Bill Clinton). (more…)

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From the AP:

“General Motors…will file for bankruptcy protection on Monday in a deal that will give taxpayers a 60 percent ownership stake and expand the government’s reach into big business.”

Nice euphemism. I think they mean…in a deal that will give the federal government (aka the Obama Administration) a 60 percent ownership stake….

The article later states:

“…a GM bankruptcy would be unprecedented as the federal government would pump billions more into the company, and take a 72.5 percent interest in the automaker.” (more…)

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