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Little Lads

In the process of unpacking all of our boxes and boxes of books, I came across Louisa May Alcott’s recently published (1999), supposedly “newly discovered,” The Quiet Little Woman.  It is actually a volume of three short Christmas stories.  I spent Sunday afternoon reading it, which I found to be sweet and simple…a quick and easy, delightful little read.  This particular sentence from the first story really jumped out at me:

“Two or three small lads rioted about the house making much work and doing very little.”

That’s it!  That word, “riotous,” is the adjective I have been looking for for quite some time to describe my three little lads.  I’ve come up with “rowdy,” “tumultuous,” “wild,” even dubbed them “Tazmanian Devils,” “hurricanes,” and “tornadoes.”  But Alcott’s wording summs up exactly what my boys were doing that very not so quiet Sunday afternoon as my husband and I were trying to read.  Though all of these words carry some negative connotation, you must understand that I use them in jest.  Boys are sweet and darling in their own ways, see here, and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.  And or course, even the mellowest of girls do come with their own “words:”  “emotional” and “dramatic,” for a start (I would know, I am one).


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Boxes and Boxes of Books

Over the last several days I have been using nearly every free second I’ve had to pack…a box here, a box there.  The packing of my house needs to be a process, drawn out over several weeks, because if I wait until the last minute on this I will be in a heap of trouble.  Sure, I could probably make a packing blitzkrieg of it and get it all done in just a day or two…if I didn’t have three little boys just dying to help.  The “help” I’ve gotten so far has proved largely counterproductive, but I let them participate nonetheless.  And then I have to take care of said boys as well…it’s too bad I can’t just put my life on “pause” right now and do nothing but pack and prepare, but that’s not going to happen.

At least 20 boxes have been filled with books, and I’m still finding more throughout the house.  We seriously have too many books, but my husband has an obsession and I have no choice but to support him in it.  After all, there are far worse things he could be obsessed with.  Still, a couple of days ago I thought I would be packing books forever!  In the midst of the mundane, though, I happened upon thisthe-closing-of-the-american-mind-001 delightful surprise:  The Closing of the American Mind (How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students), by Allan Bloom.  I have heard this book referenced at least twice recently and have thought it’s one that I should look into buying…I had no idea that we actually already owned it.  As I was stacking books in a box my eye caught the image above, literally just the author’s name sticking out under a pile.  That name is familiar, I thought… why?  I pulled out the book and instantly recognized the title.  Awesome!  Needless to say, it didn’t end up getting packed after all; instead it went into the ever-growing stack of books to be kept out of the boxes, for my reading pleasure over the summer (I won’t have access to most everything I pack for the next few months).  (more…)

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